finding comfort when wearing dentures
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finding comfort when wearing dentures

No two denturists are the same. If you have been wearing dentures for a while, you know that no two sets of dentures are the same. Finding a quality, experienced denturist can seriously impact the comfort of your dentures. You do not have to deal with loose plates, gums that are rubbed raw, distorted speech, and the inability to eat your favorite foods. If you have any of these problems, there are a few things that you can try before replacing your dentures. Use what I have learned over my 15 years of wearing dentures to find a perfect fit and optimum comfort in your dentures.

finding comfort when wearing dentures

Tips For Getting Your Gingivitis Under Control

Priscilla Hansen

If you suffer from gingivitis, then you know how it can hinder you in your everyday life. You may feel uncomfortable speaking in a close proximity to others and this can cause you to turn down certain social events. It may also make you self-conscious about getting close to that special person in your life. Luckily, there are some things you can do at home to help keep your gingivitis under control. If you want to get your gingivitis under control, you should follow the tips in this article.

Proper toothbrushing

Regular toothbrushing is important for everyone. However, if you suffer from gingivitis then it is even more important for you to make sure you are brushing your teeth correctly. You should brush at least two times a day and even more often if you eat sticky or sugary foods, since these foods will attract more plaque.

When you brush, you should do so in a circular motion for a few minutes. Make sure you brush the surface of all your teeth. Also, you want to be sure you brush your tongue. Once you are done with brushing your teeth, use a mouthwash and don't drink anything, including water, for a good amount of time so the mouthwash can do its job.

Eat healthy foods

Not only do you want to make sure you steer clear of the foods that are obviously bad for your teeth, such as sugars and dark drinks, you also want to eat healthier foods in general. When you allow your health to deteriorate, it will take a toll on the condition of your teeth and allow the gingivitis to flare up. Add a good amount of vegetables to your diet and eat plenty of whole grain wheat, staying away from an excessive amount of starches.

Chew gum

It may sound like odd advice, but chewing gum can really help with gingivitis. However, you do need to make sure the gum you are chewing is sugar-free. The gum will help to remove plaque and left over food particles from your teeth.

Drink a lot of water

You should drink water with each meal and throughout the day. Water will help rinse food out of your teeth. It also helps to keep you hydrated which helps you to stay healthy and in a better position to ward of dental issues.

If you follow the tips above and still have an issue with gingivitis, then you should make an appointment with your dentist (such as one from Family First Dentistry LLC).