finding comfort when wearing dentures
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finding comfort when wearing dentures

No two denturists are the same. If you have been wearing dentures for a while, you know that no two sets of dentures are the same. Finding a quality, experienced denturist can seriously impact the comfort of your dentures. You do not have to deal with loose plates, gums that are rubbed raw, distorted speech, and the inability to eat your favorite foods. If you have any of these problems, there are a few things that you can try before replacing your dentures. Use what I have learned over my 15 years of wearing dentures to find a perfect fit and optimum comfort in your dentures.

finding comfort when wearing dentures

Essential Oils For Tooth Extractions

Priscilla Hansen

It's impossible to predict when the need for a tooth extraction will arise, but it is a safe bet that there will be some discomfort associated with any situation that requires the removal of a tooth. While you are waiting for a dentist to treat your condition, you can turn to your supply of essential oils for help in finding relief.

Here are three types of essential oils to keep on-hand for use during a dental emergency in the future.

1. Frankincense

One type of dental problem that could result in a tooth extraction is the discovery of an abscessed tooth. When the root of a tooth becomes infected, serious pain and inflammation can develop. A tooth extraction will provide permanent relief, but you can use frankincense essential oil to help manage your comfort level while you are waiting to schedule an appointment with your dentist.

Frankincense oil contains monoterpenes and sesquiterpenes, which are known to have antibacterial and analgesic properties. Applying frankincense oil to your gum where the abscessed tooth is located can help you find relief from pain while waiting for a tooth extraction.

2. Clove

If you open a bottle of clove essential oil, you will likely recognize the scent from your dentist's office. Many dental practitioners use topical anesthetics which contain varying amounts of clove oil. Clove essential oil contains eugenol, a powerful pain-killing compound.

By applying this essential oil topically to the affected area, you will be able to experience temporary relief from tooth pain while you wait for an emergency extraction. Just be sure that you dilute your clove oil with a carrier oil prior to application, since it's spicy nature can cause burning.

3. Copaiba

Copaiba essential oil can be a powerful tool when it comes to treating dental emergencies. This essential oil contains an extremely high concentration of a chemical compound known as Caryophyllene.

When applied to your gums near an infected and painful tooth that needs to be removed, Caryophyllenes have the ability to block pain receptors from transmitting pain signals from your body to your brain. This helps you find temporary relief from your tooth pain while you wait for an emergency dentist to fit you into his or her schedule for an extraction.

Being able to turn to essential oils to help you manage your discomfort during a dental emergency can make waiting for an emergency tooth extraction a lot easier. The next time you experience a painful dental situation, turn to frankincense, clove, or copaiba oils for help.

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