finding comfort when wearing dentures
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finding comfort when wearing dentures

No two denturists are the same. If you have been wearing dentures for a while, you know that no two sets of dentures are the same. Finding a quality, experienced denturist can seriously impact the comfort of your dentures. You do not have to deal with loose plates, gums that are rubbed raw, distorted speech, and the inability to eat your favorite foods. If you have any of these problems, there are a few things that you can try before replacing your dentures. Use what I have learned over my 15 years of wearing dentures to find a perfect fit and optimum comfort in your dentures.

finding comfort when wearing dentures

4 Brushing Mistakes You May Be Making And Consequently Damaging Your Smile

Priscilla Hansen

If you want to maintain an attractive, healthy smile, then you must make sure that you partake in a proper oral hygiene regimen. Proper oral care is also key to good overall health. Generally, as an adult, you realize this. However, knowing that oral care is the key to many things doesn't mean that you don't make mistakes when you are brushing your teeth—mistakes that can be ultimately causing damage to your smile and overall oral health. Here are a few of those mistakes and how you can correct them before it is too late.

Mistake #1: Using the Wrong Toothbrush

Tooth enamel is extremely sensitive. If you are using a hard-bristled toothbrush for anything other than the spring cleaning in your kitchen and bathroom, then you could be causing unnecessary damage to your teeth and gums. Switch out your hard-bristled toothbrush for a soft-bristled one, or you could opt for a sonic or electric toothbrush that will offer a fresh and clean feeling every time that you brush your teeth.

Mistake #2: Using the Wrong Technique

While there is a certain technique to use when you brush your teeth, some people tend to create their own or forget about the right brushing technique. When you brush your teeth, you should not do so aggressively. You also should not hold your toothbrush in a straight horizontal manner. Instead, your toothbrush should be held at a 45-degree angle in order for the bristles to properly reach all tooth surfaces. Don't forget to scrape your tongue, as this is important to remove bacteria from the tongue.

Mistake #3: Failing to Change Out Your Toothbrush

Believe it or not, your toothbrush is not designed to last forever. In fact, toothbrushes should be replaced every three to four months. The longer you use your toothbrush, the less effective your toothbrush becomes. Eventually, the bristles will begin falling out, but you should replace your toothbrush before this ever happens. If you need a reminder to replace your toothbrush on time, add it to your phone's calendar so you get a notification.

Mistake #4: Choosing to Excessively Brush Your Teeth

When it comes to brushing your teeth, brushing too much can be as harmful as brushing too little. If you practice excessive brushing (more than two to three times a day), you could wear down your enamel prematurely. Enamel erosion can lead to the discoloration of your teeth. Therefore, try to limit your brushing to two to three times a day to prevent the unnecessary premature wearing of your enamel.

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