finding comfort when wearing dentures
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finding comfort when wearing dentures

No two denturists are the same. If you have been wearing dentures for a while, you know that no two sets of dentures are the same. Finding a quality, experienced denturist can seriously impact the comfort of your dentures. You do not have to deal with loose plates, gums that are rubbed raw, distorted speech, and the inability to eat your favorite foods. If you have any of these problems, there are a few things that you can try before replacing your dentures. Use what I have learned over my 15 years of wearing dentures to find a perfect fit and optimum comfort in your dentures.

finding comfort when wearing dentures

4 Situations When Removable Dentures Are Likely To Be The Best Option For Missing Teeth

Priscilla Hansen

Individuals who have missing teeth have a variety of options for replacing them The best solution depends on a variety of factors. Dentures are the oldest type of prosthetic teeth. They are the solution that most individuals are familiar with. There are different types of dentures. Removable dentures are usually the most affordable solution. However, there are options for permanent dentures, which are implanted into the jawbone. The following points highlight a few reasons a dentist might recommend removable dentures.

Insurance or Budget Concerns

Most insurance companies cover all or a portion of the cost of dentures. However, most do not cover dental implants because they view them as cosmetic rather than necessary. Individuals who do not have insurance may have a budget and prefer the most cost-effective solution. 

Dental Implants Are Not an Option

Sometimes individuals go to their dentists regarding dental implants and discover that they are not a good fit for the surgical procedure. They may have the funds for the implanted dentures, but other issues, such as insufficient jawbone tissue, could halt their plans. Dentists may be able to regenerate bone tissue for these patients. This could lead to them being a good match for permanent dentures at a later time.

Personal Expectations

Individuals who want a quick turnaround for their prosthetic teeth will appreciate that dentures are a viable solution. Sometimes dentists can get labs to expedite the creation process. When dental appliances are created, they will be fitted into the individual's mouth. It is important to note that some individuals find new dentures uncomfortable. This is a phenomenon that should gradually get better as long as the dentist's recommendations for wearing and cleaning are adhered to. The longer an individual's mouth gets accustomed to having a foreign object(s) in it, the better the comfort should get. 

Health Conditions 

Some individuals are not a good fit for other tooth replacement options because of their health. Gum disease, diabetes, and issues with blood clotting are types of health conditions that would need to be addressed before a patient could be a good fit for permanent dentures. In the meantime, removable dentures could allow them to enjoy joys such as eating the foods they like. 

It is important to note that removable dentures are lab created. They can be used immediately after surgeries or post-surgery. Some individuals go many years without prosthetic teeth. However, they can be fitted with the appropriate dentures whenever they are ready.

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