finding comfort when wearing dentures
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finding comfort when wearing dentures

No two denturists are the same. If you have been wearing dentures for a while, you know that no two sets of dentures are the same. Finding a quality, experienced denturist can seriously impact the comfort of your dentures. You do not have to deal with loose plates, gums that are rubbed raw, distorted speech, and the inability to eat your favorite foods. If you have any of these problems, there are a few things that you can try before replacing your dentures. Use what I have learned over my 15 years of wearing dentures to find a perfect fit and optimum comfort in your dentures.

finding comfort when wearing dentures

  • Your Root Canal Treatment Guide

    18 July 2022

    Cavities are incredibly common, and they can cause mild to severe pain. However, cavities aren't the only threat to your teeth, and if you get an infection, you may need root canal treatment. If you would like to know more, keep reading. What Is a Root Canal Treatment? Root canal treatment involves opening the tooth and removing the tooth's pulp. The pulp contains the blood vessels and nerves. For this reason, irritation of the pulp can cause severe pain.

  • Questions You May Have About Full Mouth Reconstruction

    9 June 2022

    If you have a lot of oral issues, it can be overwhelming thinking of all the dental work you need. If you need a lot of dental work, think about everything that needs to be done as you decide how to approach it. You can opt to have everything done at one time or you can have things done one at a time. If you choose to have all your work done at once, this is referred to as a full mouth reconstruction.

  • Advantages Of Dental Implants Over Bridges

    26 April 2022

    If you are needing to decide on a tooth replacement option, there are several options available that you could choose. Dental implants are among the most effective solution for tooth replacement treatments, but there are individuals that may not realize the advantages that these implants will have over dental bridges. Dental Bridges Will Only Rest On Top Of The Gums A dental bridge will essentially be a type of denture that will only rest on top of the gums.

  • How Can You Tell If Your Child Has A Dry Mouth And How Can It Be Treated?

    18 March 2022

    Children can suffer from chronic dry mouth just like adults. Unfortunately, it often goes unnoticed because children often don't know that their mouth is dry — if they've suffered from a dry mouth for a while, they may not have any frame of reference for what normal saliva production feels like. Poor saliva production can cause oral health issues, as saliva is a defensive system that helps fight plaque-causing bacteria in the mouth.

  • Tracking Medical Supplies In The Dental Office

    8 February 2022

    When you manage a dental office, you have to stay on top of the medical supplies. If you don't have the supplies that are needed, then the dentist and staff won't be able to properly care for the patients. This is why it's so important for you to have a proper system in place that ensures the office never runs out of the necessary equipment and supplies. You can learn some things in this article that can help your office run smoothly by making sure everyone has what they need when they need it.